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Colored Pendulums 1" diameter
with copper plated chain

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Colored Pendulums for Pendulum Dowsing

Mint Green
Light Blue
Cream orange
Pearl White
Lilac Pearl

wholesale pendulums of many colors

Qty      Item          size        Price each       $Amount
to order assorted colors see below
1    White   (1")        $7.95                        $7.95           
  White   (1")        $3.95                       $47.40          

1      Red       (1")        $7.95                         7.95          
     Red      (1")        $3.95                       $47.40             

1  Dark Blue     (1")       $7.95                      $7.95        
  Dark Blue   (1")       $3.95                      $47.40           

 1   Black           (1")       $7.95                       $7.95      
 12   Black          (1")       $3.95                      $47.40      

1   Yellow           (1")       $7.95                     $7.95        
   Yellow          (1")        $3.95                    $47.40      

1   Pearl White     (1")         $7.95                  $7.95       
   Pearl White    (1")        $3.95                  $47.40      

1   Smoke               (1")       $7.95                  $7.95         
   Smoke              (1")       $3.95                $47.40       

1   Light Blue        (1")       $7.95                   $7.95         
  Light Blue       (1")       $3.95                  $47.40       

1   Doz Assorted Colors (1")                      $47.45         

*When you  check out with paypal, there is usually a comments option in which you can specify the desired mix of colors you desire. If for some reason this box does not appear, email your preference after you place your order to otherwise, we will choose an assortment approximating equal an equal number of each available color in stock.


How to use Pendulum CD $24.95  or download (quantity discount pricing available for CDs)

*Special offer--order a dozen or more of any one size and or color and order any other size or color at the same discount rate.
Example: order a dozen assorted colored 1" pendulums
from above
at $3.25 each. You can add 1-2" pendulum w silver chain to your order for just $8.55 or as many other sizes or colors that you wish at their respective discount pricing. When you pay with paypal, in the note section, simply list the additional items you are ordering. You will be sent a paypal invoice for the additional items at wholesale pricing. No additional charge for shipping if paid for before your main order is shipped. 

Wholesale pendulums for hypnosis, self hypnosis, pendulum dowsing and so on.  Each pendulum is attached to a sturdy copper plated chain. Unlike other pendulums where the chain and the ball easily separate, the pendulum warehouse manufactures a high quality pendulum that stays together. In fact, you're far far more likely to misplace or lose your pendulum than have it malfunction or separate from the chain. 
Simply put, pendulum dowsing is a fancy term for using the pendulum with a chart to find answers to questions.  Click here to go to another web site that gives some basic instruction on pendulum dowsing. Or click here to go to our basic pendulum dowsing instructions and how to use it for hypnosis and self hypnosis as well.  It's small enough to take with you anywhere. The device is truly amazing. one can use it for all kinds of self truths and self discovery, You can determine the sex of unborn babies (of man as well as other animals), reasons for resistance to losing weight, reasons for the development of fears, phobias and so on. As pendulum dowsing use it to reach your potential.  

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