Sango Coral Calcium 



Coral Calcium factor adjunct treatment for fibromyalgia treatment-arthritis-osteoporosis treatment
Sango Coral  Calcium from the sea

Does your coral calcium or calcium supplement:
1. affect the water you drink such that it hydrates your body?
2. alkalize your body?
3. metabolized within minutes of ingestion?
4. metabolize 100% of the calcium you ingest?
5. contain over 70 trace minerals in ionic form?
6. contain all the trace minerals your body needs?
7. contain over 40 billion antioxidants in a one day supply?

If not, you're short changing your body and treating it like an old jalopy instead of a brand new Mercedes. 
How can you tell? Simply, if your calcium supplement is a capsule or a caplet or tablet in any form or a liquid, you're only getting a small percentage of the benefits you could be getting and for about the same amount of money. If you're not using Sango Coral Calcium by HTN  in the tea bag form, you're cheating your body. Click here to see the importance of the seven questions asked above and to see how Sango Coral Calcium will keep your body younger and healthier than any other calcium supplement . Just as rickets and scurvy are diseases of nutritional deficiencies, we find that by creating a healthy environment in your body, you may be less likely to be a host for cancers and auto immune diseases such as lupus, Lou Gerhig's disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, MS, etc. 
True. Sango Coral Calcium doesn't contain any vitamins. There are dozens of very valuable vitamins in the market place to use in conjunction with Sango Coral Calcium.