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Acrylic pendulum on a sturdy chain. Available sizes range from 1" to 3"

Some amazing things can be uncovered using the pendulum. For years the pendulum has been associated with the Svengali image of the hypnotist holding you in his power. Actually, as one looks at the information on pendulums, the pendulum goes much further back in history. Ancient kings and queens such as Solomon, Sheba, Cleopatra and other employed the use of pendulumists, who practiced the science of Radiesthesia. Today, pendulums are more widely used by psychologists, hypnotists and individuals to create a link of communication with the subconscious mind to uncover information thought to be forgotten or unknown. Many skilled in the science of E.S.P. utilize the pendulum to connect with powers and intelligence beyond the physical. In all truth, this tool is as serious as you make it. And dowsing pendulums can be as inexpensive or as expensive, or as small or as large as you want them.

The most inexpensive pendulum can be made for less than a penny by tying a small object such as a small nut on the end of a piece of string. Expensive pendulums can be made from the finest of crystals. The crystals are believed to possess certain energies that are compatible with the user's energies to get the best results. Somehow the acrylic pendulums we manufacture, (a molten plastic that crystallizes upon cooling and is polished so that it is perfectly clear) is the best approach for the beginner pendulumist. Because it is perfectly spherical, there are no distractions from rotating shapes that many others have. Click here to see our catalogue of pendulums.

Unlike ouija boards, that have somewhat of a reputation for connecting with unsavory and sometimes evil forces, the pendulum is associated with connecting with the good and more powerful forces. (Forces that bring health and prosperity to the user--and never at the expense of another's health or prosperity.) Using the pendulum, you can develop skills to achieve your potential or just plain have more fun picking numbers for the lottery.

What makes it work? Tiny muscles in your finger tips are connected to the motor centers of the brain and it is these motor centers that are affected by unconscious thoughts. Your unconscious thoughts cause the tiny muscles in your fingers to react and thus move the pendulum. This is called the ideomotor response. The pendulum then becomes a direct link to your unconscious. And the unconscious is where thoughts and memories are stored that your conscious is unaware of. The pendulum is a means of connecting with those hidden truths and memories. Using the pendulum this way is called pendulum dowsing--using it to find information. 

Initial Communication--Making your dowsing charts for crystal pendulum dowsing. 
First, draw a circle about 4" in diameter on a blank sheet of paper. Draw a straight horizontal line through the circle to intersect the center of the circle. Place an arrow on each of of the line and label the line, "NO." Next draw a vertical line through the center of the circle, add an arrow on each end and label this line, "Yes." At the top of the circle draw a curved line inside or outside the circle to match the curvature of the circle, place one arrow on the right side of the line and label this curved line, "I don't know." Lastly at the bottom of the circle, draw another curved line as you did at the top, place an arrow on the left end of the line and label it, "I don't care to answer."

Using the dousing chart with the pendulum*
If you're right handed, place your right elbow on the table with your forearm and hand extended above the chart. Drape the chain of the pendulum over your right forefinger and hold in in place with your thumb such that the ball of the pendulum is suspended from a half inch to an inch over the center of the chart. Obviously if you are left handed, you use your left arm and hand.
Begin by thinking the word, "Yes." Don't try to make the pendulum move, nor try to hold it still, just let the thought, "yes," repeat in your mind. Some people respond immediately and the pendulum begins moving up and down on the chart along the vertical line labeled, "Yes." The response might be very minimal or very strong--it doesn't matter.
If the pendulum doesn't move, it's because you are trying too hard, i.e. trying to make sure that you are not consciously moving it. If so, relax, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and repeatedly think, "Yes." Let your mind and body feel the direction of, "yes." If no response is attained, skip to horizontal direction. Repeat this for the horizontal direction representative of, "NO." There are only two other directions, clock wise and counter clock wise. Think, "I don't know," to have the pendulum move in the clockwise direction. And then plead the fifth (pun), think, "I don't care to answer," to have it move in the counter clock wise direction.
Now you are ready for basic communication. Suggestion: avoid starting with complication. Keep your initial communication basic. Begin by asking, "I am asking my subconscious if my name is "_________?" Or, I am asking my subconscious mind if I am married?" Make sure each question is directed to your subconscious mind by saying, "I am asking my subconscious mind... As you direct the question to the subconscious, avoid consciously thinking the answer, i.e. let your mind be blank. Avoid thinking, "sure my wife's name is," or, "of course I'm not--I'm not even dating anyone." Also make sure the question is clearly stated. If not, the pendulum may swing diagonally.

If you are having trouble getting the pendulum to respond, you are trying too hard. Like any talent, it improves with tutoring and practice. The book, Pendulum Power by Greg Nielsen and Joseph Polansky as well as our own "How to use the Pendulum" cassette program may be very useful. Often times the hypnotic suggestions and relaxation found on the cassette program opens the pathways to your subconscious more easily and effectively than if you do it simply form a book or these instructions. The program also gives suggestions to develop the subconscious connection with the universal intelligence.

Once you have linked communication with your pendulum and feel confident, you can begin using it for finding answers which are not known to your conscious. It can be used as a Magic Lotto ball, a Magic Mind Finder, food finder, for dowsing, and so on. Technically, as a Magic Mind Finder your are exploring your subconscious for self truths. As a Magic Lotto Ball, you're having fun picking numbers or using it in a more advanced way of connecting your subconscious with powers beyond yourself--there are no guarantees that this is possible.

Caution: the pendulum gives you literal interpretation from the subconscious, e.g., you may ask yours subconscious mind if your name is (name) and even though that is what your birth certificate says, it may swing, NO." This is because your subconscious doesn't regard you as " _____," but as your nickname. Or perhaps you ask yourself if you're a writer, and it might say, NO." because you regard yourself as a poet. Thus you may not always have rational explanations for the answers. Your mind is influenced easily, so if your husband disappointed you and didn't take out the garbage today, don't ask if you love him. A "NO," answer may mean that your love is contingent on the garbage being taken out, which really ahs nothing to do with him -- unless your marriage is only about the garbage being taken out. 

Many have used what they have learned from the Magic Mind Finder pendulum to change careers, relationships, etc. or to make existing careers and relationships better.

Uncovering Hidden Truths
For example, you feel that you enjoy your job or career, but don't understand why you're lacking initiative.
"I'm asking my subconscious mind if I enjoy my job?" The pendulum swings, "NO".
"I'm asking my subconscious mind if I like the type of work that I do?"  It swings, "YES."
"I'm asking my subconscious mind if I like my supervisor?" It swings, "YES."
"I'm asking my subconscious mind if I enjoy the commute to work?" It swings, "NO."
"I'm asking my subconscious mind if I want to relocate closer to work?" It swings, "YES."
and you have your answer.

The pendulum can be used to:
    determine romantic compatibility.
    uncover reasons for phobic reactions.
    find lost articles.
    determine sex of unborn child/children.
    uncover reasons for resistance to weight loss.
    define the best suggestions for use in self hypnosis
    induce hypnosis or self hypnosis
    question witness in forensic investigations
    do pendulum dowsing 
    as a food finder
    have fun at parties
    have fun picking lottery numbers, winners at the track...
    metaphysical, esp, and so on.

Nomenclature: some who use the pendulum call it dowsing and the chart is called a dowsing chart. By holding the pendulum over a specific food, dowsing pendulums can be used to determine if the specific food is healthy for you. 
Those who use it for hypnosis or self hypnosis generally don't refer to it as dowsing, they simply call it using the pendulum to uncover hidden truths or as an aid to induce hypnosis or self hypnosis. Then there are those who simply call themselves pendulumists and use it metaphysically. 

To see the different pendulums we have available,

*there are those who strongly believe that a pendulum is a basin of potential energy. By using it, you "break it in" to align with your energies and the basin of energy is then aligned with your energy. Thus it's not advisable to let others use your pendulum as the possibility of contamination exists, i.e. contaminating your pendulum with someone else's energies. 

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