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Welcome to the Most Advanced Thinking on the Planet for the treatment of Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Generalized Anxiety, Phobias, and Associated Depression!

A one hour presentation  entitled "Wakened Hypnosis in the treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks óNew Treatment For Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Associated Depression" which is the most effective technique discovered to date was presented by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. on 8/14/04 to over 100 professionals during the National Guild of Hypnosis, NGH, national convention held in Marlborough, Mass. The program will again be given during the 06 convention beginning 8/11/05. Contact the NGH after 04/06 for schedule of presentation.
Click here for presentation outline

For information on how to join contact:
National Guild of Hypnotists, 
5703 Red Bug Lake Rd., #403
Winter Springs, FL 32708
407-678-8956o Fax 407-678-8173
The next convention is scheduled for August 2006. Call for details

This web site is for professionals wanting to develop or sharpen their skills in dealing with clients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and phobias. This technique is strictly educational in nature as anxiety and panic attacks are strictly a disease of ignorance! Now that's a pretty bold statement. And considering it comes from a chemical engineer instead of a psychiatrist or psychologist, it may seem even more far fetched. 

I discovered this approach in the middle eighties. As with most clinicians it was easy for me to remember the successes. But in reality there were many clients who only came a few sessions, disappeared, never to be heard from again. What about them? Were they successful? Itís this latter group that's often forgotten by most clinicians. They never get figured into the true percentages of success or failure.

But what about the other four dozen clients that I didn't get an opportunity to get feedback? Certainly the approach that I was using was different than anything I had seen in the literature or any technique that I had ever found in books and cassette tapes being sold to clinicians and professional conferences. But did that make a difference in the percentages?

To learn the truth, I did what few clinicians do -- I created a survey and mailed it to everyone that I had seen or worked with over a six-year period who had suffered from phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, or associative depression. When I tabulated the results, I was truly amazed at the incredibly high success rates.

This web site is about the study of the results of the survey. It is primarily a resource for clinicians and therapists who would like to "step outside the box" and hone their skills so as to improve their success rate with clients suffering from these maladies.


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Worry and Guilt

 Complete Four hour Program for Dealing with Panic And Anxiety