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If you come to my office in Middletown, NJ, this is what you'll find on my desk. All problems, big and small solved by the:

Executive Decision MakerTM Desk Set

Executive Desk Sets -- Desk Accessories for the Decision Maker
Executive Desk Set (pen desk set) $54.95 
Office Desk Set without pen          $44.95 

Executive Desk Set is approximately 4"X7" shown here with gold inscription plate finish and chrome and gold pen--the perfect executive gift desk accessories..

Inscription Plates of both desk sets scripted as:
             "Executive Decision MakerTM
    For Big Problems         For Small Problems"
(under large pendulum)  (under small pendulum)

With beautiful 9mm Arcadia ball point pen by Cross with chrome and gold combines style and durability. 



Executive Desk Set with gold inscription plate and black Arcadia Cross pen w gold ring  $74.95 $54.95


Executive Desk Set with silver inscription plate and silver Cross pen (not shown)   $84.95 $64.95


Executive Desk Set w pen (above), or the Office Desk Set (below), make a novel and practical executive gift item for the overburdened executive. For centuries, man has held the pendulum over charts and directed questions to his/her subconscious mind  to solve problems.  Today, more than ever the modern executive can use all the help he can get. For big problems, we've outfitted both the handsome Executive Desk Set and the Office Desk Set with a BIG 2 1/2" diameter pendulum. For small problems, there is a small 1" diameter pendulum. And just in case he/she'd like to make notes, the Executive Desk Set is available with either a beautiful silver pen by cross or a black with gold ring Arcadia pen by Cross.

Both the Executive Desk Set and the Office Desk Set make the perfect desk accessories and create an initial curiosity which turns to enduring intrigue. A conversation piece for home or office. Both desk accessories have a fine wood base. 

Both the Executive Desk Set and the Office Desk Set are handsomely scripted as shown on either gold or silver inscription plate finish. 

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Office Desk Set is approximately 4"X7"  without pen--desk accessories every desk should have. Shown with silver inscription plate finish.         

Office Desk Set without pen and holder   $64,95 $44.95    
inscription plate


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