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Pendulum warehouse is your home for wholesale pendulums. Purchase as few or as many as you like on line. Wholesale pendulums shopping at its best. 

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Manufacturer of pendulums of all sizes. Your on-line store for wholesale and retail pendulums for dousing, hypnosis, and forensics.


This web site is about using pendulums and how to use pendulums for pendulum dousing and all sorts of applications. Pendulums also make perfect
trade show promotional items. 

The Pendulum Warehouse --your wholesale pendulum source. Manufacturer of  clear pendulums, colored pendulums, and  innovative handsome desk sets for making executive decisions.  Click on the desired product to go its wholesale gifts on-line store.

Use the pendulum to induce hypnosis, self hypnosis, and to get the most out of any personal growth or personal change program. In forensics, police investigators use it to enhance the memory of witnesses. Self help specialist use it for subconscious programming and  weight loss. Pendulum dousing is using the pendulum to locate or find things or answers. Pendulum dousing can be used  to find  lost items, determine if food or water is healthy to eat or drink, if a relationship is right ... 

How to use. It's easy, just drape the pendulum from your forefinger and hold it over a chart, food, or something that you are testing. Ask questions of yourself and watch the pendulum move.

How it works. Tiny muscles in your finger tips connect direct to your brain causing the pendulum to move, as if by magic. This is known as the ideomotor response.

For instructions on how to use pendulums,  dousing and more click here.

Wholesale pendulums as wholesale gifts!

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On line store for wholesale pendulums, pendulum dowsing
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Wholesale Pendulums and Retail Pendulums for Dousing, Hypnosis, and Forensics
All pendulums are made of acrylic.  A special manufacturing technique keeps the ball from separating from the pin which attaches the ball to the a sturdy knurled chain resulting in the highest quality of manufacture. Chain is made of steel with either copper or rhodium plated unsoldered knurl link and is a minimum of 9" length for 1" pendulum. .

Use the pendulum to induce hypnosis, self hypnosis, and to get the most out of any program for stress management strategies.  In forensics, police investigators use the pendulum  to enhance the memory of witnesses. Self help specialist use the pendulum for subconscious programming and  weight loss. Others use pendulum dousing for finding lost items, ESP, predicting the future, inducing self hypnosis, exploring the metaphysical, psychics, developing psychic abilities...